Ken & Mike

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and I have been critical of republicans and conservatives attempting to derail it until giving it a chance to succeed or fail. I did not subscribe to the theory that the ACA could do so much damage to America that it should not be implemented at all. In addition, if you believe the republican promise to “rescind the law now and we’ll replace it with a good bill,” then I have a bridge to sell you. Yes, fix it, but once it is gone it will never come back in any form.

However, the inability of the computer program to work on day one is outrageous. And, unfortunately, it has led me to the conclusion that the implementation of the ACA has to be delayed by at least six months. It is not working and people will not come back to it after being rejected on day one.

Further, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had at least three years to make sure the computer program for citizens to sign up for health care would work flawlessly. How can this system not be well tested long before the arrival of the first of October? It is really shameful. Although I am not one to call for resignations at the drop of a hat, I think this was such a complete lapse of competency that she should resign immediately. But that won’t happen, because President Obama simply won’t confront or admit failure.

But you heard it hear from this liberal mouth: Delay the ACA and fire Kathleen Sebelius.