Ken and Mike



Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

8-27 Trey Hardin

ABC political analyst weighs in on the Obama White House gearing up for war, healthcare, and other national issues of the week!


Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

8-26 Steve Mistler

Portland Press Herald’s Steve Mistler joins to discuss the continued controversy surrounding the Governor.


Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

8-22 Col David Hunt

Col David Hunt weighs in on the current situation in the Middle East, the Bradley Manning trial, and more!


Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

8-21 Eye on Politics

Phil and Ethan join for an Eye on Politics about the alleged LePage comments and the ongoing fallout, and the “gang of 13″ Republicans who are very unhappy with the party.


Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

8-20 Brent Littlefield

LePage’s political adviser, Brent Littlefield joins to give his response to allegations that the Governor said Obama hates white people.


Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

8-16 Brent Littlefield

Mike Michaud is in the race for governor and is the Democratic Candidate, Eliot Cutler is the independent candidate and all are against republican incumbent Gov. Paul Lepage, Mike and Ken talks to Paul Lepage’s chief political adviser Brent Littlefield


Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

8-16 Eliot Cutler

Ken and Mike talk to Eliot Cutler whose running for Governor in the 2014 election and they discuss Mike Michaud’s “surprising” announcement and what voters are looking for in a candidate


Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

8-15 Capital Insights

John Baldacci joins to discuss LePage’s controversial comments this week, his thoughts on the upcoming election, and more!


Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

8-14 Eye on Politics

Phil and Ethan give their thoughts on the latest news coming out of Washington and Augusta


Tuesday, August 13, 201308/13/2013

8-13 David Bernhardt

Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt, joins the show to discus why the legislature should approve a bond issue for transportation infrastructure improvements.